....Cycling tourism
But wine isn't the only attraction in this picturesque region easily accessible from the Austrian, Slovak and Czech capitals -- and a network of bicycle paths will allow you to experience it from a different and more healthy perspective.

From Valtice, an easy 5-mile peddle will take you around vineyards, woods and lakes to Lednice, once the Liechtenstein dukes' summer residence.

Bikers approach a minaret that overlooks gently rolling hills and vineyards near the Lednice chateau. On the way, watch for the Arc de Triomphe-shaped chateau where nobles once gathered for a pre-hunt breakfast. Rest in the knee-high grass and drink in the peaceful atmosphere before continuing through the "Garden of Europe," where you'll pass several other romantic buildings before reaching Lednice.

That first glimpse of Lednice's neo-Gothic chateau rising from its sculpted gardens is magnificent. So is the view after climbing the 300 steps of a nearby minaret overlooking gently rolling hills covered with vineyards.

"This is the ideal place for biking," said....