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    Bicycle travel in Tadjikistan

    Two weeks ago we have returned from Pamir, Tadjikistan. We have made a bicycle trip across all Pamir mountains, and it was our second travel to Tadjikistan, and 3-d to Central Asia. Photos from our last trip will be a little later, but you may look at photos from our trip of 2001 (
    Preparing travels to Tadjikistan, we dealed with minister of tourism of Tadjikistan, Mr. Gafarov. And this year he has offered me to organize rather interesting project. The idea is to organize commercial adventure travels through Pamir Road, like it is at Karakoram Highway. He has all opportunities to prepare all formalities like visas and permits, and I with my friends may operate as the guides on this route as we know this area very well. Obviously, this project is focused on western people, from Europe and USA. So I have a question, is it interesting for you? I may give a link to the site of the project, for more information, but THIS IS ONLY for information, this site now is note published officially, and the project DO NOT operate now. We have not decided yet whether this project will live or not, and much depends on your opinion. Please, write, that you think about it. The link to TEST version of the site is:

    Thank You in advance for responses!

    With best wishes, Anton Kroupennikov, Russia


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    Hi Anton,

    Looks very interesting! I'll be keeping an eye on the site for when you go live.

    One suggestion--have a native English speaker proof read it for you. Some of the wording could use a little clean up to make it more professional.


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    ZdOrovo! Good job, Anton!

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