While riding my bike from Monterey to Marina I had a great chance encounter. I was riding leisuerly the last 9 miles back home. The slightly cloudy skies, cool ocean breeze made for a nice ride home after hammering for an hour. I came across a chap on his touring bike loaded to the hilt. Large saddle bags drapped the both sides of the front and rear wheels. I've always been curious about the people that ride these machines. I pull up beside him and aske him where he is riding from. He tells me in his Netherlands accent, that he is riding from San Diego going to San Francisco. He told me of his ventures riding along Hwy 1 through Big Sur from Santa Barbara in the past day. We spoke about Pro cycling and his Countries upcoming cyclist and I told him about my racing club, Los Gatos Bicycle Racing CLub (LGBRC) and other cyclist from the local area through San Francisco. The trip was very leisurely since it was slower than I would normally have ridden. It ws all very nice to chat with a cyclist who travels to California to ride his back up the state. My new cycling friend enjoyed our bike paths, and the fact that cyclist are allowed to ride along freeways or highways such as Hwy 1. Apparently where he is from if you do that you get a ticket. I hope my friend enjoys his cycling ventures and has a safe ride to SF, and back home.