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    Any suggestions for Czech Republic tour?

    Hi Guys,
    At last I am heading off on Monday for my 9 week 3100 km tour in Europe. I have got idea's for most of the journey but the section from Vienna to Prague is still in the air. One route I saw advised to follow the Danube Cycle Trail to Linz then head north to Ceske Krumlov and follow the Moldau Cycle Path to Prague.

    The problem is that is the way I plan to go from Prague. I need help with a route further east of the above route and it would probably go through Hollabrun, Telc, Tabor but don't really know.

    Can anyone suggest a route or at least 'must see' places along that route. (my plans are very liquid at the moment) I am allowing 5-6 days for that section.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hmmm....don't have a map in front of me but i have cycled extensively in this region. What you want to see in Austria is the eastern border region called Burgenland. There is one extremely beautiful valley called the Hallental which you should see. Althought the 'alps' by this time have eased to big, green hills, the grades are very very steep. Mariazelland is a maze of big green hills; although for some reason it always pours on me when I am on this region. The Ybbs river, further north near the border with Czech republic, is also nice.

    These areas might be a bit off your route, as they are further east towards Hungary; but still well worth it.

    The stuff you mentioned in Czech republic seems to cover it all very well. I don't do a 'route' when I am on a tour; i just head for the hills and go from there. Just make sure you drink as much Pilsner Urquell as you can. Be careful though...its 12% alcohol.

    Bike it you'll like it!

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