i'm in northern new mexico right now, planning on cycling around to various places, and working as i go.. some people have expressed mild interest in doing this sort of thing in the colorado area, so i thought i'd put it out there. (re: touring for life thread.)

as it is i'm a rather young individual. 24 y/o male.. i have a ton of outdoor/camping experience. (grew up in southeast alaska). as well as varied job skills.

i will do it either way, but it's nice to have someone to ride with, talk with, et cetera.

i would probably want to do a 2 week trial ride with the person before commiting to anything more longterm.. over which time we'd try to make enough money to cover our expenses while on the road.

i will not sleep in a motel, even in winter. i believe in sustaining ones self..

i'll be around for a few weeks here, i'm visiting my mother and doing various work for her, as well as some other personal goals i'm working twards before heading out again.. so i'll be back to check this thread..

i am also interested in people who just want company for a ride in the area. again. camping only.. i can't afford a room.. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my #$@..

i found that i go about 50 miles a day.. 2 days in a row, followed by 1 day off as rest.. that's about 7 hours of cycling a day on the cycling days... i travel with a relatively heavy load..

also: i think this forum is great... i thank its' existance.