I will be new to touring in 2008 but have extensive road bike experience. I am considering hooking up with an organized/SAG tour through either Pedal Across Wisconsin, BikeNorthwoods, or some other group. I currently have a full road bike and am not planning on doing unsupported touring any time soon. I live in Wisconsin, so I am familiar with the geography. Does anyone have any strong feelings about either of these outfits and their organizations of tours, service and support? I am not looking for a massive tour group of 500 or over, and I think it would be best to start with just a weekend tour in case I get "sick of people." I assume I would get along fine with the purchase of a handlebar bag with my road bike to load the extra goodies that would not otherwise fit in my seat bag. I assume there is a bit of a relationship between tour price and service, which of course I am willing to accept, but I don't want to pay $$ simply to be handed a map and a place to put my tent.