I am currently in Central America and many diplomats come through and leave often. When they leave they usually sell their bikes and other large items at a considerable discount.

For right now I commute a lot by bike but in the future I would like to have a bike that can accommodate longer (1 to 2 weeks and maybe world travels in a couple years) trips fully loaded. These trips will be in a variety of locations but mostly in central america where the roads are bad.

I am new to the touring world and don't know what comes in handy when doing long hauls

This bike also has a ton of upgraded Shimano gear (I dont have the exact specs yet), Components for Mountain Biking

Quick questions, WILL the Trek Liquid frame:

Accommodate panniers/bags/heavy loading
Be able to go long distances with pretty good speed
Will many of the components transfer over to a different frame
Are many Mountain Biking components suitable for touring

Thank all of you and I hope to contribute to this board as I do more touring. ( I currently mountain bike a lot but have little to no knowledge of touring, I have talked with many tour bikers that come through and think I'd really enjoy some longer trips)