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    Somebody ever heard about this bicycle brand?

    DBS is originally a Norwegian brand. Once upon a time it stood for "Den beste sykkel" (The best bike) and i also know they did make good cycles in the early days. But now fabrication has been flagged out because the cost of producing things like this in Norway.
    But ive been a little curious on the brand again. Maby some of you touring maniacs "over there" could share some thoughts about the spec of this bike?
    In America it would have cost around 800-850$ cause the prices of bikes in America is around half of the prices in Norway.

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    Have to mention that its not that small..
    Kurt Asle Arvesen won the 1997 U23 VM 1997 on a DBS.

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    DBS. We have a pair of their wool cycle sweater! I can not tell you how many people we told it ment "de best cycles". We were going on Santana's very first tandem tour, to be in the Limburger area of Holland. My wife Marilyn is 1/4 Norwegian so we went their to see relatives! Great fun. The bad news was that on the way my bag full of cycle clothing got caught on the conveyer and most of my bike clothes got torn apart. So in Allyson(sp) we found a great shop that sold DBS stuff and bouth new shorts, tights and the DBS sweaters. Small world this bicycle world!
    Dick Powell,
    Founder & Former Owner of The Bicycle Outfitter of Los Altos, CA

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