Thank you everyone who took the time to read in on my other thread, I will update you all in a week or sooner when I have written down and listed my plans. I will visit and read as much as I can before summer. I am joining a gym so I can have a professionals opinion on my body situation. Mentally I am ready, financially no. If anybody has any ideas for me or wants to help me start a Charity organization up so that people aren't just throwing money at me it and would be greatly appreciated. My Mom has been informed on my crazy scheme and is gung-ho, surprisingly enough. She even wants to write to Oprah because she is so upset about the whole situation (the only thing keeping my brother from being healthy is a lack of fund for his medical bills. Not to mention the court drama for custody of his 5 year old daughter. Family drama...). So I will explain a little bit about me: My name is Joe Bock and I live in Richmond, VA and I plan to go to art school this fall but I want to do something first. Basically who cares about me, its my brother who matters the most right now and he is my biggest inspiration for this physical and mental challenge I have begun to plan. I am pretty much only good at painting, fishing, camping, and riding my bike. So this is pretty much the best way I see myself contributing to my brothers health so I will go and do what I do, and if it is all for nothing then so be it. Thanks again everybody, check in next week for more questions I might have.