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Thread: got me thinkin

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    got me thinkin

    posted this in the newby guide and thought i ought to post here to.

    ok now you people have gt me thinking. i just might have to try bike camping this year. i have quite a few campgrounds within 40-50 miles of me. i have a mid 90's giant innova hybrid that i just might try this on. but i think i will installl a new trekking bar and different brake levers, just dont like the plastic ones it has now. plus i will pick up some new tires 38's cause right now i have some 25's i bought to train for my first triathalon that never happened and probably never will. i hate to run. guess its time to start cruising web sites for things.

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    I am not sure what the Innova's dimensions between the chainstays and forks at the crown are, but just do a quick check that the 38s will actually fit in there. I suspect they will.

    And definitely try the bike camping lark. You might not like it, but if you are posting something like this, you seem to have the required adventurous streak. And having campgrounds relatively close to you makes planning the trips much, much easier.

    Good luck and keep us in touch with your progress. And ask as many questions as you need.
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