Hi Together

I知 21, female and from the switzerland. I知 lookong for someone who would like
to travel through latinamerica by bike. All my friends are to lazy or stucking in the job or
education. First i知 going in the beginn of november 08 one month to mexico city visting friends and tolearn spanish after that the tour can start. I致e not a plan yet but for an example we courd drive from columbia till the end of chile i致e time off till the end of august 09.

I知 quite sporty but not full trained so i think about 80km/day. Sometimes more sometimes less.You should be flexibel,interessted in the enviroment and culture and able to enjoy the loneliness and in the same time to be sourrounded from people. Yeah  and a kind of fighter spirit.sometimes it痴 gonna to be hard i guess.but i think i don稚 have to write it.

It seems to me a bit crazy to seek online but propably you池e lookng for somebody as well. First i thought i知 gonna alonebut i would prefer to have somebody to arrange all the stuff and to play card games in the evening )

Ah yeah i致e not the money for extravgance ( and i知 not looking for it) so i would prefere
To sleep as much as possible in the tent or in cheap hostels.

Are you interested? Just write me, even when you致e just 2-3 months time off. Propably we can arrange something. I speak german, french , english and a little bit spanish.

It痴 my first journey in this kind. So i知 reading a lot in the internet to find a lot informations. If you致e a good hint. Please let me know.  If you池e interessted write me an email. raamoonaas@hotmail.com

Let痴 start the adventure!

Kind regards