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    Hello fellow bikers,

    Here are some photos from my tour around Gaspé peninsula I did last august. I should add some more later and hopefully write something about it. I was out 8 days. I went back to some of the places by car afterwards to photograph the wildlife with the heavy lens and tripod, but all places and animals can be seen by anyone going on bike (there's a bus shuttle going at the trail head of Mt Jacques-Cartier, where you can see the cariboos).

    Click here for the photos.

    A few more of the same places, but photographed on the car trip, when the light was better:

    Northen Gannets - Bonaventure island
    Forillon nat'l park
    Forillon nat'l park
    Lac aux Américains. The last sight is not as accessible for bikers unless you walk the dirt road or have a mountain bike.

    See ya!
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    Gordon P
    Great pictures Erick L! The first time I toured the Gaspe was in 1983 when I hitchhiked the area when I was 19 years of age. I toured it again in early spring of 2002 with an old university friend and we had a great time. I am sure that the next time I tour Gaspe that it will be by bicycle. It is certainly one of the most scenic regions of Quebec.
    Gordon P.

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