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    Quote Originally Posted by hartlean View Post
    So, I was wondering if you could suggest a safe route, without too many killer hills, from Gettysburg or Harrisburg (I'm flexible there) up to the Olean NY or Salamanca NY areas. Once I cross into NY I'm very familiar with the routes.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration.
    Are you familiar with the signed PA bike routes? They are good in some places. In other places, not so much. One issue that you have to deal with these days is the truck traffic associated with frack mining.

    In any event, there is this, which passes through Harrisburg:

    One modification I would make it to pick up the Pne Creek Trail in Jersey Shore, PA, which is in Lycoming County. That would take you to Ansonia, PA, which is not too far south of Corning, NY. The stretch immediately north of HBG ain't the greatest. I would try to modify it with smaller roads. U.S. 11 towards the Sellinsgrove area is busy and not scenic. Where Route J closely follows the Susquehanna, it's generally going to be more foregiving terrain-wise.

    There is also this:

    Again, I would try to incoporate the Pine Creek Trail.

    You can hang a left in the middle of the state and take this west to Emlenton to pick up the Allegheny Trail, which someone noted:

    I think that currently goes as far north as Oil City. I believe it changes names to something like the Samuel Justus Trail. I have a cross-PA tour planned for this year. Going to spend the first ight in Franklin and then take the trail south to pick up PA Route V in Emlenton.

    I can tell you that if rode north from Gettyburg to PA 234 and headed west on Route S

    to Bedford to pick up Route G you would run into some nice ups and downs west of Chambersburg, including a multi-mile climb up to Cowan's Gao State Park. On the flip side, from the park west you would get a 6.5 mile descent to Burnt Cabins. Also, you would have a chance to ride an 8.5 mile section of abandoned PA Turnpike. Neat experience assuming you are not scared of the dark as there are two long, unlit tunnels.

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    indyfabz, I appreciate that, esp. the note about the Pine Cr Trail. I didn't know about it, but a 2001 article in USA Today named the 65-mile (105 km) long trail one of "10 great places to take a bike tour" in the world. I'll hold on to your suggestions until this Fall.

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