I am looking at getting a Specialized Tricross as a all in one bike. One I can use for touring, cummuting, riding on trails, and road riding. It has a pretty long wheelbase, long chainstays and upright position. It has full front and rear rack and fender mounts, and three water bottle mounts. The question is if it has everything I need for loaded touring. I am thinking of weekends, maybe a few weeks or even a couple of months of light to fully loaded touring. There are a couple of models and several issues:

1) Carbon seat stays and fork. Is there a problem with fully loaded touring with paniers on carbon seatstays and a carbon fork with full mounts? The Tricross Comp/Expert is E5 alloy with carbon seat stays and fork, with full front and rear rack mounts. The Sport is A1 aluminium with carbon fork, also with full mounts.

2) Is a 50-34 compact crank sufficient for loaded touring? Say if it can be paired to an 11-34 cassette.

3) Are the Specialized Pave wheels strong enough? They only have 20/24 spokes but are supposed to be quite strong for cyclocross.

Apart from the above issues it seems alright for touring. Am I missing anything? Let me know what you think.
Thanks, dumalam.