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    I am preparing my trip to Asia (with Bike Friday NWT)I would like to travel by the end of December for 5 or 6 weeks and this will be my route
    Germany to Bangkok
    Bangkok-Ubon Rachathani (maybe by train)
    Ubon Rachathani to Mukdahan or to Pakse I have to decide where to cross the border if in Savannakhet or in Pakse (if someone can give me some advice) then going all the way south to Cambodia, Veun Kham to Phnom Penh, thence Sihanouville and to Thailand by Kaoh Kong
    Maybe I will have to catch a bus or a boat depend on the time.
    I wait for some advice and ideas and if someone has some time and wants to joying me on my journey no problem( I am a male 39 years old and I ride to enjoy and not to collect KM)
    I already been in Camodia 2006/07
    Some pictures
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    If I was you I'd ride from bangkok to Ubon and once in the NE keep your route between highway 24 and the Cambodian border. I really like the area down there, the people are wonderful and the riding is more varied than the area north of highway 24.

    If you are planning to go to Cambodia I would skip riding up to Mukdahan and crossing at Savanhatkhet. I've done this ride before and it was fine but nothing spectacular. Mukdahan is a pleasant city though, just as Savanakhet is. The ride south from Savanahkhet was nice but you never see the river and the scenery is just so so. I think I would go from Ubon to Laos as if I was going to pakse but before you get to the mekhong there is a turn off that goes to Chapasak. From there you can cross the river and catch the 13 south to Cambodia. Even if you decide to go to Pakse the ride south of there is very pleasant as it has a much more tropical feel than the Savan-Pakse ride.

    Here is a link to my journals the rides I mention above are all in there, plus more rides in Thailand and bits of Cambodia.

    I'd love to join you on at least part of your trip, but I'm going to be there in October on my own!

    Take care


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