I hope I'm allowed to post this on here, if I can't just remove it.
I've been reading bike touring journals on www.crazyguyonabike.com for 3 years now and this lady has been helping many touring cyclist since 1976. If you do a search of June Curry on that site you will see hundreds of cross country cycle journals of her and her home where she has helped touring cyclist. If you can please donate what ever you can even if it's as little as one dollar.

June Curry (The Cookie Lady of Afton, Virginia) Needs Our Help!

This is an unusual newsletter, but I decided to send it because June is
a rather unusual lady. She's been running the Cookie House in Afton,
Virginia since the inception of the TransAmerica Trail in 1976, giving
touring cyclists a roof over their head, food and water through the
decades. Now she has fallen on harder times in her later years, suffering a
stroke, and has even had to sell her house to stay afloat. She isn't
getting enough help to pay for the assistance she needs. So I decided to
try something: A little fundraising drive for the Cookie Lady. I've
set up a special email address for paypal donations,
cookielady@crazyguyonabike.com. Also, to make it easy, there is a
special button at the bottom of the usual donation page on crazyguyonabike.
Go here to donate:


I know we all see a thousand please for money come through our
mailboxes every day. I guess I just think this one is special, because June is
not an organization, she's just an individual who decided to dedicate
her life to helping others, in particular touring cyclists. As she nears
her later years on this earth, it would be nice if we as a group could
come together and manage to send her some appreciation to help her
cope with the aftermath of the stroke. Everything that comes into that
paypal account (minus Paypal's usual fees) will go to June. You can also
send me checks (my address is on the donation page) but if you do that
then please make them payable to June Curry, and I will forward them to

I won't do this very often, if only because there aren't very many
people like her! So if you can, this is the time to give something back to
the Cookie Lady of Afton, Virginia.


Neil Gunton