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    Novosibirsk to Vladivostok

    Hi all from Central Asia.

    From here our plans were to go through China but the visa situation is almost impossible now with the Olympics looming. The country is closing its doors to foreigners so it's time for a backup plan. Our hope now is to ride north through Kazakhstan in July and then east to Vladivostok through Russia in August / September, from where we can catch a ferry to Japan.

    Can anyone recommend some good reading on this route?

    We've already seen the excellent and
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    I assume you've found the "links" page on There are a few more reports listed that I found of long distance cyclists, a few going this route - most skipping past after Baikal. I also found a motorcyclist report or two on Horizon's unlimited web site.

    Mark Jenkin's book "Off the Map" is a classic read of crossing Siberia before the gravel road was complete.

    There is a guy named Arnaud Riess that just departed heading for Kazakhstan with the same Chinese visa dilemma:

    If you get into Russia, then you can still have a choice from Ulan Ude of going through Mongolia and then China after the Olympics. It sounds like from your web site though that you're also getting difficulties with changes to Russian visa rules.

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