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Thread: My partner RIP

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    My partner RIP

    After many years of sharing tours to all parts of the world, being there for me, being trusted to hold my passport and wallet. Letting me rest my head on him when I was weary.

    Giving me drinks when I was thirsty.

    It started months ago, little signs that things weren't right.
    But we kept on, as you do, little niggles are not to worried about when on the road for months, make and mend, carry on.

    Today, sadly, it was too much and the end came.

    On the floor of a bike shop in Kuala Lumpur, what a way to go out.

    Yes, my Camelback finally had too many things wrong to carry on. All the zips had gone, I had lost the Big Bite somewhere in Thailand and simply used the lock..

    It didn't take long before he was jetsam and kicked into the edge, like a dirty rag.

    I managed to find a new Hydration Bag, but it won't be the same. everything had a place and everything was in its place in the MULE. Now to break in a new bag. It feels strange and I think it will for a long long time.


    Photos of present tour of South East Asia

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    My condolences. Perhaps you can find peace in making a little scrapbook?

    (Don't keep the carcass around, that's sick.)
    "I'd rather be a murderer than to be a murder victim"

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    thats a tough one george ,but what a life it had never a dull moment make sure you give it a good send off

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