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    Route 50 Cross Country Question - Route to St. Louis

    I was thinking about taking a cross country trip this summer from DC to KC, MO. I went from Virginia to California about 8 years ago so I don't want to take the same route (Transcontinental).

    I have been thinking about trying to take Route 50 but I'm not sure if I would be able to take it all way. I also, don't know if I would want to. I'm not sure if it turns into interstates or how busy a road it is.
    I am not dead set on leaving from DC. I'm from NYC. I basically wanted to see if anyone had any ideas about what would be a good route to St. Louis - where I can pick up the Katy Trail and that will take me across Missouri near KC.
    Any thoughts?

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    US 50?
    Are you crazy??

    Take the C & O Trail out of DC.
    If you take the ATA Trail to Connellsville, PA you can ride down to Morgantown, WV
    and continue on trails to Clarksburg, then take the North Bend Trail almost to Parkersburg.

    Hwy 8 in Kentucky along the Ohio River from Portsmouth to Cincinnati
    has been replaced by a new express highway so it has very little traffic.

    Hwy 56/156 is a nice route in Indiana - but check Indiana DOT maps for traffic volume.
    Illinois DOT has bike maps on line.
    The county roads due east of Centralia (extension of Hwy 161) are a great route.

    No to US 50.


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    Rt 50 Illinois-Indiana: there's a new Walmart distribution center on it. I used to drive 50 between St. Louis and Indiana, not any more... the truck traffic is pretty heavy, and consant.

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