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    Champion Flyer-Uneven sides

    I got a Brooks Champion flyer that I am breaking in by communting (6km round trip) each day for the
    last 2 months. I was changing out the seatpost and decided to apply some proofhide to the parts
    I could not access when the saddle was mounted. The edges of the saddle are uneven with respect to the rails. One side the gap is 20mm, the other 10mm.

    Is this something I should worry about?

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    One leg is prob shorter.

    You can try lowering the saddle a bit. I put a shim under the cleat, and cut out from a plastic milk jug an innersole shape and put it in the shoe.

    Or you can chalk up to the general weirdness of life, and forget about it.
    Feel the Bern.

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