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    Detours High Tail Bag?

    Anybody tried this seatpost rack/bag?
    Thinking of getting it to carry my clothes and lunch to work.
    Tried a QR seatpost rack but did not like it because it was hard to get it tight enough and it still swung when riding.
    Looked at Bagman racks but the place that sells them is all out of stock and they are expensive when you add the bag. Might use it for some light credit card touring as well.

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    I have one and have used it for years, including short tours without camping. The new design which uses hooks instead of velcro all the way around is much, much better and once mine quits I'll probably replace it since I like the bag so much. It can be a little hard to find a good spot on a small frame where you have enough room to tilt it out of the hook while having it clear the wheel (including some room for bouncing), though I ride a 51cm frame. It's also a great bag for brevets where I like having quick access to tools and a windshirt without having to mess with an underseat bag or a pannier. The original High Tail fits a mini U-lock.

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