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    Gordon P

    ITM SELEGO trekking bars

    Hi does anyone have any experience with the ITM SELEGO trekking bars? I am thinking of purchasing them for my touring bike but would like to hear from someone who has used them for touring.
    Gordon p
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    Acetone Man
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    I don't have experience with them but they seem to miss one key point. The value of having aero bars on a touring bike is that they give you a forearm rest to take the weight off your wrists. The selego bar has the aero extensions... but not the forearm rest!

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    Gordon P
    Thanks for your reply. I was wondering that also as I looked at other aero bars and they all have the arm rests. I e-mailed a gentleman who wrote about them in his blog and he is thrilled with them. I think I will write him back and ask him about the arm rests.
    Gordon p

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