Greetings all. I had such a great tour this summer I can't wait for next summer to go out again. The route that is at the forefront of my list of possibilities is ACA's Lewis and Clark route. I don't have time for the whole thing. I thought about flying into Great Falls, Montana and riding from there to Portland, OR, where I would take an Amtrak home.

Does anyone have any interesting thoughts, tips, suggestions, anecdotes regarding this route?

There are some options along the way. One calls for about 29 miles of unpaved road - over Lemhi Pass. From what I can tell, this seems like a wonderful option and not to be missed, however the unpaved aspect scares me a little. I've had spoke-breaking problems in the past. I'll be on a Surly LHT. I'm thinking of changing from 32cm tires to 42. Any comments on this section? Is it the way to go?

Any recommendations for campgrounds? Places to get good potato salad? (Don't recommend places for pie unless it's sugar-free; I'm diabetic. Darn!)

Any places where services are few and far between? I like to buy groceries for dinner every day. I'm also a little concerned about water. This summer I wore a Camelbak that held about 4 bottles worth of water, in addition to the 3 bottles on the bike. I'm thinking on the Lewis and Clark it might be better to bring a filter and not carry so much water every day.

All advice welcomed! Thanks in advance!