Two subjects in regards to traveling with baby.
Some background:
We are a car free family living in a less than Ideal place for it. On some of our jaunts we must rely on a bus or a ferry or a shuttle to a ferry. This is a difficulty as it means unpacking the bikes, carrying all the gear, converting the trailer to stroller mode, and getting the bikes on to the bus (if we happen to be lucky enough to be the only bikes), and doing this in a matter of a few minutes. Usually with child who picks up on her parent's stress and then becomes very fussy. Sometimes some bus drivers refuse us. Is there anyone in a similar position? Does any one have any suggestions for making this easier? Packing tips?

Does anyone have any experience and/or advice for traveling with babies (ours is about 2 yrs old); especially for a month or so?
We are thinking about a tour early spring -rainy season Feb., along western coast from North Vancouver to California. We may be able to go later -May/June.