I pretty much have my Pacific Coast Highway tour itinerary, nailed down. Here it is, in case anyone is interested and would like to meet up (I already have plans to meet Raybo and Pat from CA). This is a general invite to anyone wanting to meet (up for coffee, lunch or to just say hi) or ride along for part, most or all of the way.

Sept. 10 Fly into San Francisco, pick up bikes at Box Dog Bikes, check into Fisherman's Wharf Hostel.

Sept. 11 Take morning ferry to Sausolito, ride back across the Golden Gate and down to Monterra Hostel.

Sept. 12 Monterra to Santa Cruz

Sept. 13 Santa Cruz to Monterrey (WarmShowers host).

Sept. 14 Stay in Monterrey (hostel maybe), visit aquarium, sailing or kayaking if there is time.

Sept. 15 Monterrey to Big Sur (Deetjeens)

Sept. 16 Big Sur to Ragged Point

Sept. 17 Ragged Point to Morro Bay (BikeForums.net host)

Sept. 18 Morro Bay to Lompoc (Warmshowers host)

Sept. 19 Lompoc to Santa Barbara (possible hostel stay)

Sept. 20 Fly back home