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    Big Thumbs up to Hazard's Cyclesports of Santa Barbara!

    We were dead tired from our tour of the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Santa Barbara when we rolled into Hazard's Cyclesport. We had but one thing on our minds when we stumbled through the door, "HOTEL".

    Bruce (the owner) and his staff meet us with many questions on our tour. They must get lots of touring cyclists through their store but they were still happy to hear our version of our story.

    The Shawn and the rest of the staff couldn't have been more helpful getting us boxes and other packing material for the trip back home.

    Bruce went above and beyond by agreeing to take our credit cards and then offering to arrange for FedEx pickup and refusing to take any payment for his trouble, even after or repeated pleas that he take something.

    It turns out that FedEx gave him a huge problem with this plan. I got a cheery call from Shawn informing me of the problem. He insisted that the mix up was not a problem but I still felt horrible.

    I opened up a FedEx account and got the number to Hazard's. Problem solved. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have done this in the first place. It would have made things far easier on Bruce. I now have an account # and next time I will know better to ask for a "third party pickup" from FedEx.

    Hazard's is a huge store by Pittsburgh standards. They have a large selection of just about everything. They even have their own little bicycle museum. A smaller version of their display in the old store, Bruce told me. Our shops have a lot to learn from Bruce on how to run and furnish a store.

    You might find a bigger store in your city but your would be very hard pressed to find a more friendly and helpful staff than at Hazard's Cyclesport. If you are in Santa Barbara or just passing through I strongly suggest stopping in at Hazard's.
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