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    I haven't bothered anyone on this forum,yet quest for the perfect commuting bike continues.
    I have thought about using a touring bike.

    Why, you might ask?

    Durability and stability........fenders and racks.........wide tires and winter studded tires

    So, if you have seen other posts you know that I am thinking about a ss bike and have been considering cyclocross bikes-durability and wide tires........I want a cromoly frame.

    My LBS has a Fuji touring bike and this one has rear horizontal drops.......

    My questions:
    1. Any other touring bikes with horizontal rear drops?
    2. what are the widest tires touring bikes can use? I am thinking about 35-38 with studs for the wintuh, ayuh, yessuh, heya in Maine.
    3. has anyone converted a touring bike to a ss?
    4. Have always wanted to do some more bike touring-who knows could always start..........

    That's it for now.


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    1) Most bikes over 10 years old, including my Miyata tourers, have horizontal drops. They work great.

    2) Yes, you can fit 35mm + fenders on some dedicated tourers, the LHT included.

    3) I'm sure they have. I wouldn't do it though. Gears are more versatile and with almost no trade off.

    4) not a question

    good luck

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    The Surly Cross Check has horizontal drop outs, is cro moly and can be fit with racks and wide tires.

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