Hi . I am writing to see if anyone out there is interested in joining a mountain biking expedition to Bolivia this August being run by myself and a friend, who are both currently students at Oxford University. We have been approved by the Universities Expedition Society but have problems in that I have injured my knee and so we are on the look out for other riders to get involved. It will be the ultimate challenge for those of you who are adventurous, being mostly at altitude, and taking in an ascent up a volcano to a height of 20,000ft and a ride across the famous salt flats. We are just about to start fundraising for the project, but if interested you would have to provide around 1000 pounds and assist us in raising money. We are hoping for big things seeings as we have the Universities support and do believe it will be the chance of a lifetime if you want to ride in this part of the world. You can get in contact with us at either of the following email addresses, cheers. mezaskar@hotmail.com or matthewsell@hotmail.com.