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    Travelling across Europe in the next summer?

    Hi there,

    I'm planning with some friends a tour from Italy to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark.
    I'm publishing it in some cycling websites; if some traveller from everywhere could be interested in joining the group, for the whole or a part, I can give more informations.


    Departure: actually fixed in July 18th

    Path: Trento - Bolzano - Merano - Innsbruck - Passau - Prague - Dresden - Berlin - Copenhagen

    Distances: around 100-130 km/day (it should be around 60-80 miles/day)

    Routes: all cycle paths or country roads with no traffic

    Support / Anything to pay: no, each traveller is independent

    Accomodations: campings or hotels

    Guide books: yes (to buy, I'd suggest the Esterbauer ones because of their mapping accuracy)

    Main stops: two complete rest days for visits of Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen


    General maps and daily laps are in my website, in the "EuroTour 2009" link of my signature; in that page, click in each route to read informations about the single parts of the tour.
    For any question please let me know here in this forum or via email (address is in my site).

    Thanks, and have a nice ride!
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