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    cycling adriatic coast

    hello! i am looking for some information on cycle touring the adriatic coast.. from slovenia down to greece.
    we are two young women, thinking of spending around 2 months between july and september cycling down. a couple of questions-

    - are we going to have a lot of trouble with the influx of holidaying motor traffic? are there smaller roads down teh coast where we can get away from it or is it mainly one major route?

    - we are planning to camp - what are the opportunities for wild camping like in these countries and/or the frequency of organised, legal campsites?

    -i f we need to catch up on a day or two or need to skip a section, what is the public transport like and is it bike-friendly?

    any info would be hugely appreciated!
    Thankyou and happy cycling!

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    I've spent lots of time on the Dalmatian coast. From Zadar to Dibrovnik there's only one coastal road and it is packed in the summer. But definitely doable on a bike. Do not miss taking in the islands off the coast such as Hvar and Vis. The islands are very bike friendly and a unspoiled and beautiful.

    I don't know about camping as I stayed in B&B's. The population density and lack of cover on the coast would make wild camping difficult. There's a well run bus and ferry system.
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