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    securing seatpost mounted pannier racks

    Hey, crazy as it sounds I'm planning to cycle across europe on my mountain bike, a planet x armadillo. I need to carry all my gear with me, and so need some pretty sturdy pannier racks but I don't have any mounts. I've used a seatpost mounted one before and whilst weight isn't a problem I find that they tend to swing around a lot and on a bad day will swing and rub against the spokes - not great when your cruising down hill.

    Has anyone got any suggestions of solutions - maybe securing the rack to the wheel axle? or creating a kind of make your own bracket? or can i get a bag which has most of the weight on top of the rack rather than hanging below...


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    google old man mountain racks. You don't need rack mounts for them. You could easily do a similar mod to a standard rack too.
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