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    Touring in Socotra Island, Yemen

    I've been looking everywhere online but I am unable to find any stories of anyone doing off road (or even any kind) of bike touring in Socotra Island, Yemen.

    I was thinking about taking my mountain bike and doing some touring and hiking there. I tried to contact what seems to be the only tour operator on the island but they didn't reply. I've not traveled much outside of the US so I don't know how everything there would work out - if I'd be able to just bike wherever I wanted or where I could find restricted places, etc. Anything would be of help to me.


    If you haven't seen pictures of the place, they are worth taking a look at:

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    I know one couple who cycled in Yemen, and have been to a slide show of another couple cycled in Yemen. Try to get a good map and go on your own. The road may be challeging enough. I don't think there are any mines on this island, so you can go off road - it's real off road. You'll always met locals there which will invite you for a cup of tea. If there is a restricted area - they will tell/show you. Unfortunately Yemen is well known for hijacking tourists. Please inform yourself if there's a special risk in the area you want to go.

    Regarding local tour operators. You have to talk to them by phone better face to face...
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