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    "Raising the bar" on a threadless; Novara content

    "Raising the bar" on a threadless setup (forgive my semicolon use)

    Pardon my late night fit questions but I can’t seem to fall asleep without some sort of closure on this idea. I currently have a ’08 Novara Safari (L), trekking bars on an adjustable stem on a short steer tube. The Safari is plagued with a longish TT, leaving the bar height to normally be below the saddle. I love the bike but the geo and sizing are really starting to irk me.

    I love my safari but I wish I could get the bars up an inch or two above the saddle. Currently, as in the picture, my adjustable stem is cranked up sky high and the bars still sit below the saddle. This leaves me with a slightly stretched out position even in the closest bend of the Trekking bars, which on anything over 20 miles is giving me some back discomfort. I would be really happy to have the bars not only raised but also closer.

    With some photoshop skills and late-night vigor I have come to what I would like to do; can anyone chime in with thoughts, suggestions, concerns with what followes?

    My plan: Pick up a Delta stem riser (and a new set of cables) to get the bars up three and a half inches. If the bars leave straight from the stem with no rise, this set up should put them an inch and a half above the saddle. Great…could use a bit more though…lets try for two inches?

    Here is my concern. I would like the bars closer to me. Would simply adding the stem riser with my old (110mm?) adjustable stem bring the bars closer or just higher? I can’t seem to figure out of they will or not, maybe I am just tired. So my best bet to get them closer would be a shorter stem; maybe an 80mm with some rise.

    Ultimately I am on a tight budget and don’t want to spend more then I need to. If I can skip out on a new stem…I will. But I really do want the bars a good two inches above the saddle while also getting them half to a full inch closer to me.

    (right now I seriously miss the threaded stems and the simple ability to move a stem up and down with little effort.)

    Thanks for the help and insight,
    GT Powers

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    Yes, the handlebars will be closer. The steerer tube is not at 90 degrees, it is angled toward you, so as it rises, it comes closer. Think how far in front the fork crown is compared to the top of the head tube.

    I wouldn't go with the adapter, but that is just me not liking the look and I believe the less connections mean less chance of anything going wrong. But in reality, I seriously doubt it would matter. Instead, I would get a new fork with an uncut steerer tube. Then you can use spacers to get the height you want and cut the tube for your preference.
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