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    Maine East Coast Greenway

    Has anybody ridden along some/all of the Maine East Coast Greenway? I just found out about it recently and have been looking at the routes and maps online. I'm wondering if most of it is on bike paths or at least, low-traffic roadways and how nice the campgrounds are. I'm thinking about doing a week long fully supported tour at the beginning of August along a stretch of it. If any women tourers out there would like to join me, please let me know. Thanks!

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    I have toured in Maine many times. We don't camp, but I do have some suggestions. Camden, Brunswick, Portland and Bar Harbor are good places to take a day off. Camden is perhaps the best.

    J's Oyster Bar in Portland (have raw oysters followed by bouiliabasse) and Moody's in Waldoboro are a must.

    There is a ferry from Portland that goes to Baileys Island. It's nice, and would add something different. Ask for help getting on/off at the island.

    I avoid the southern coast in summer. I suggest the region between Scarborough and Bar Harbor.

    There are a lot of roads that will get you off Rte 1. It will take some planning. This is esp. important for the few miles immediately north of Camden. Fortunately going around it is easy.

    There are bike shops along the way. There are good ones in Ptld (Back Bay Bike among others) LL Bean in Freeport has a good shop, Bath Cycle and Ski which is actually just over the bridge from Bath and a nice one just before you get to Camden. If you took the Rte 90 bypass, you need to go right when you get back on Rte 1. It's not far at that point.

    I suggest taking a day off in Camden and staying at the Cedar Crest Motel. It's pretty cheap, has a pool, and everything is in walking distance. The grocery store in town center has excellent fruit, you will want some.

    There are dozens of possibilities. I can try to help fill in a few of the details once you have a better idea of what the trip will cover and what you like. For example, there is a great gelatto place in Brunswick, and a great sandwich shop in the Tontine Mall. But you might hate both for all I know. There is a German restaurant in Brunswick, just don't expect to get back on a bike after you eat there.

    I was looking at the greenway website. I'd research it carefully. The area between Augusta and Bangor doesn't have a lot in it.

    But I would look at 2 sorts of rides. One is where you have a friend drop you off somewhere and you ride back (or rent a U Haul and go to Bangor).

    Or do a loop. You could cross the state inland to Camden, and follow the coast back home. If you do that you take Rte 25 once you get in the Ptld area. I have ridden that stretch to NH and back several times.
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