Hi all, Last minute tour planning. Looking for riders wanting to take a 2 + 2 week vacation to tour across France AND possibly Switzerland, low budget campground – 2 Star accommodations starting July 2009

Cost is expected to be ½ to 1/3 of commercial guided tours depending on numbers ($1000 AUD per week)
Vehicle support for group riding, no carrying of luggage on bikes

80 to 120Km day mapped riding, 2x two week 1100KM tours or 1x 1100KM tour + 1 week stage watch + 1 week 700Km sortie around Switzerland to Zurich
Non riding partners welcome, we need two for support vehicle (coffee, shopping, vineyards, explore France without having to bike!)

Group planning required, experienced riders leading the groups

Flights to Pairs
Start Bordeaux end in Alp De Huez Grenoble
½ week Based Alp De Huez to Genève –

Any takers or existing groups - Goal is to enjoy long casual rides - accross france.
Flights out Zurich??