a buddy and i are amidst making loose plans for an August tour down the Pacific Coast.

at the moment, we are looking Portland to Ventura, Ca

at the moment, its the 2 of us.

what I'm looking for is more company

my thoughts are a loose affiliation (obviously)
that is to say... maybe could tentatively roster a group, in loose itinerary

at the moment we are thinking 8/9 being in Portland.

I'll be using my Hunter 29er with panniers
my buddy is going to use a recumbent, and of all things, he's pulling a BOB. (???)

my personal plans will be that 8/1 I'll be coming off of The Mt. Tam Double
and 9/19 I'll be doing The Knoxville Double

so on the in between, my buddy has pitched an idea of a Pacific Coast tour.

roughly thinking about 20-30 days of touring.

again... looking to gather some loose company, play it by ear, etc....

Devian Gilbert