Hey all,

I'm convinced that I should go with a set of Schwalbes when I finish off the stock tires on a Pan-American tour in the coming months. My question is two-fold. First, the stock Bontrager rims on the 2009 520 are 18x622, and I don't mind riding them until they fail; I've had good luck thus far. I'm still a little confused about how that number corresponds with the ETRTO of tires on Schwalbe's website - http://www.schwalbe.com/gbl/en/bicyc...produktgruppe/

For instance, Marathon Extremes are in at 37-622 (calculated at about 35.5c); Supremes at either 32-622 (32c) or 37-622 (35c); or Marathons at 37-622 (35c) - these are all 700c tires.

As of now, I have the SKS full-chromoplastic fenders mounted, and they supposedly have enough clearance for up to a 700x35 tire. I am planning on bringing the stock fenders with, because they are light and would allow for much more clearance with larger tires. Measuring it out, it looks like they would fit diameter-wise, but I'm still unsure about the rim to tire fit.

1) is there an easy way to tell if any of these tires would fit on the stock 18x622 rim?
and, 2) has anyone fit any of these tires on their 09 520's, with or without fenders?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.