Hello all.

Hope this is the right forum for this question. I've recently purchased a condor heritage with condor own-brand cantilever brakes. These have slide-in brake pads which are unfortunately starting to wear down and will soon need replacement.

I'm new to this type of brake and have not replaced pads before. I took the bike to the local lbs and they sold me a pack of four pads which look to be the right length and without taking off the packaging also appear to have the correct groove at the back for sliding into the holder. I've taken one of the pads off the bike for comparison.

The pads on the bike are slightly rounded, that is, they arc along their length to give a good fit along the rim. The pads from the lbs are dead straight. Are they supposed to bend as they're pushed into the holder? They will bend without much pressure but I'm wondering if i've not got quite the right kind of pad?

Looking around on some of the web bike shops - wiggle etc - i see most are marked shimano or campag compatible with most brands - swisstop etc - having variants to fit either type. So I suppose the condor brakes must be compatible with one or the other - does anyone out there know for sure? I will phone them tomorrow but hoping to place an order online tonight...