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Thread: quick question

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    quick question

    i dont know if you've heard of the EuroVelo routes. they're a network of roads spanning Europe.. good for cycling.

    anyway, one of them starts on the North Cape in Norway, its within the arctic circle and has continuous sunlight from April (or May :S ) to the end of July.

    if you were touring that part of Norway in summertime is there any gear you could take with you to help you get a better night's sleep?

    there aren't many trees in the north of Norway so it'd be difficult to find shade in a forest


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    Personally, I can sleep day or night.

    The sun does drop in the sky. It's not like it stays directly overhead all the time. So low shrubbery would block it out to some extent. But if you're really bothered by the light, why not just use an eyeshade like they pass out on Qantas flights?

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    I am in the Czech Republic right now. Yesterday I was on what is supposedly a Euro Velo route for about 30-40 kilometers.

    The Euro Velo network is hypothetical. In some countries, a lot of work has been done marking these routes. I haven't been to Norway in several decades, but Norway may be one of those countries.

    In some other countries, the Euro Velo network is just a bunch of shaded lines on a large scale map, and doesn't really correspond to anything on the ground. Be prepared for this if you try to follow a Euro Velo route. Have good maps (1:200,000 or better in most countries, although Norway is probably doable on much larger scale maps).

    Here in the Czech Republic, the little yellow signs that mark bike routes are often missing.

    Remember that Europe doesn't have right turns and left turns like the USA does. It's more like, bear right at the middle alleyway past the cathedral, but be careful, because the driveway looks like the road.


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