Hey all, we decided to add some specialized markets after the experiment in Classic and Vintage went as well as it did. If you look up at the top of the forum, you'll find a new embedded subforum for your particular type of bikes! It'll make it easier for you to advertise your bikes that yu have for sale. People on't have to hunt and hope exclusively in the main marketplace. You'll also have your own corner as well. You can post in here in the specialized market above and also cross post your ad to the main marketplace as well. This will give you much better exposure.

Also, to allow greater access, you can now purchase a short term 1 month Titanium Trial membership for 30 days for $3.00, or the regular 1 or 2 year upgrade to Titanium. Any of these options allow you full Titanium access and unlimited ads for the subscription period. Al we ask is if your bike sells, click te report post on yur origina post and ask the staff to delete your post. It has the same rules as the main marketplace. Set a price, no auction threads, no make offer posts. Use it in good health!

Tom Stormcrowe
Forum Administrator