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    Beginner planning a long distance ride in a month - Please Help!

    Well my girlfriend just moved to San Francisco and I am planning to go visit her when summer school ends in September. I was inspired by some youtube videos to make the trip by bike. I am planning on biking every day before then to practice, but I'm going to need lots of advice. And that's why I'm here.

    Some major questions I have are:

    1) What sort of bike should I buy? I only have a cheap walmart mountain bike to practice on for now.

    2) What sort of equipment other than the bike should I bring? Spare tires, tools, food, first aid etc?

    3) How long should I expect the trip to take? It is approximately 380 miles from San Bernardino to San Francisco (directly - many more miles by road).

    4) Am I allowed to follow major highways on a bike? or only side streets?

    5) What sort of training should I be doing aside from lots of riding?

    6) What is the most comfortable seat I can get reasonably? I don't mind my legs being tired but I need a good seat.

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    Other people's journals, you can learn a lot, many include packing lists

    Read the sticky post in this forum, and the eleventy-billion "which bike" threads:
    The Newbie's Guide To Touring Bikes

    Have fun!

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    Since this is going to be your first tour -
    And since the prevailing winds on the coast are from the north -
    May I suggest taking Amtrak up to San Fran and biking back?
    Trust me - it's a LOT nicer riding with tailwinds.

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