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    Good bike shop in El Paso

    Can anyone recommend a good bike shop in El Paso?

    We are currently in New Mexico completing the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (yes we're a tad late and yes it is a bit chilly) and then will be heading south into Mexico via El Paso. I'm after a bike shop who can:

    * take delivery of a new frame
    * swap out my components from current bike to new frame
    * build up some 26" touring wheels

    The last point is optional if the lbs are not great wheel builders I can get the wheels built elsewhere and shipped in. Obviously I would make sure the shop gets enough business from us to make it worthwhile. We would likely also get a second bike serviced.

    The new frame is a 26" Thorn replacing a 700cc LHT.

    For more info on our current trip see:

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer. We are currently riding and only have Internet access every couple of days.



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    Bike shops in El Paso

    I also posted this msg on CGOAB. Unsure about shops in El Paso, but check out the two shops in Silver City which is near southern end of Great Divide Trail. Gila Hike and Bike and Twin Sisters. Both are very good and should be able to meet your needs.

    Glenn Theron

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