My name is tom g. i am a bicyclist. currently i enjoy riding mountain (raleigh technium), bent (bike-E), road (cannondale 600sx), commuting (performance vitesse), and touring (bn 6000t) bicycles but am always looking for another faster, better riding, vessel. i am looking at options to tour x/USA, west to east, from san diego, Ca to florida.

yesterday, i hopefully passed exam to be a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) after school regs for MS degree (9/21/09). Both grade and score are still pending while i post this invite.

besides looking into Adventure Cycling (bikecentennial), i am exploring options. i have toured x-USA east to west w/bikecentenial (e/w), Philly to Erie, (PA), all of Nova Scotia, and lots in between! in tours, group ride was greatest success (stayed together, for the most part, 87 days) but tours of small groupings (1-3) OR SOLO have worked as well! All tours have been self-contained.

i am looking for others who have simular interests and abilities to participate in this route, whole or part.

i would llike to hear from you, what options are available, costs, time, etc.