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    Houston to Fredericksberg, TX - Help

    Thanks to all for your input earlier today.....I have decided to ride NW Houston to Fredericksberg, approximately 420 miles. I don't know the roads well and thought I would post a route based purely on the map to get your input. I am open to all suggestions on routes etc. to get there........may tweak to do in 3 days rather than are these roads?

    Thanks a ton in advance.............

    529 / Hwy 6 to Industry, TX 66 miles..........529 to 159 to Industry

    Industry to Bastrop 61 miles..........159 to 77 to Bastrop

    Bastrop to Fischer 66 miles............77 to 21 to 12 to 32 to Fischer

    Fischer to Fredericksberg 47 miles............32 to 1888 to 1376 to 87 to Fredericksberg ..............approx. 240 miles total.
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    I haven't figured out a good solution to this kind of problem, and I don't think anyone else has, either.

    The problem is that all the obvious routes you'd use by car are not very good bike routes, and vice versa. So if you start looking at charity rides or randonneuring routes, they'll route you over all these little county roads that you wouldn't ever think to go down otherwise. (And beware the randonneuring routes, they may route you over every hill in the country!)

    You might try using Google Street View on those routes, may tell you a bit about them, at least in towns.

    You might check in the Texas subforum, also.
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