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    Recommended Audio Books

    We occasionally get threads here about the music people listen to when they tour, but I've never seen one for audio books.

    I listen to audio books when I bike tour (using only one earbud so I can still hear traffic noise). Not all of the books I listen to are great but some of them are fabulous. I get my books from the San Francisco library which has a huge collection. I listen to dozens of books every year and am creating a list of books that I would recommend to people.

    I primarily listen to, and all the books I've recommended so far are, non-fiction.

    I'd be very interested in audio books that you've heard and would (or wouldn't) recommend.

    So far, my list includes

    Legacy of Ashes
    The Siege of Mecca
    Lords of Finance
    Joseph P. Kennedy Presents
    Into the Wild
    The Sweet Science

    I am adding to the list daily as I go through those that I've listened to over the past 5 years.

    I look forward to getting your suggestions.

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    I don't listen to audiobooks on tour, but I do listen to a ton at work. Here's some I have enjoyed:

    Snow Crash
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Slaughterhouse Five
    Cat's Cradle
    The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight
    Running with Scissors
    All of the Harry Potter books ( get the one's narrated by Jim Dale, he is amazing)
    White Tiger
    His Dark Materials trilogy
    War and Peace (it's looooong, which would be great for a trip)

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    I listen to a lot. don't use my iPod for music much at all.
    Our OC library also has a big list for download, more and more that work on iPod (if not, burn to CD then rip back to mp3).
    I also have a membership to for downloads

    I listen to a lot of adventure books and a lot of historical nonfiction - and some bestseller type murder cops stuff

    These I recommend (a short list off the top of my head)
    Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad(sp?) 11 yr old survives plane crash
    Into thin Air
    Last Voyage of Columbus by Martin Dugard (plugging for a guy I used to coach) and Knockdown

    other books about Everest climbing and ocean wrecks & races like Hobart - can't remember titles right now and my company blocks audible to look at my list

    I'm fundraising for Tour de Cure in both Napa and Long Beach

    Help Support me in the Tour de Cure Ship to Shore in Long Beach
    Jimbo's Long Beach Page

    Help Support me in the Tour de Cure in Napa
    Jimbo's Napa Page

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    Try "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson.

    If the AT intrigues you pick up "Just Passin Thru" by Winton Porter (a friend of mine). Don't know if its on audio book yet, but its a great tale of his encounters with the characters who are hiking the AT and pass thru his shop on the trail.

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