I've done a few big trips-London to Cape Town in 2005/06 and Korea to Cape Town in 2007/08 and have a new one planned that I need some help and advice on.

I'm going to be setting out on my trusty bike from the first two trips (she's called Cecile and she's a Thorn Raven with a Rohloff) from Brest in Western France (mainly because it's amusing) in mid to late September and cycling east through France, Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia. I'm going to head along the route of the Trans Siberian Express (there's not many other routes!) to Madagan and then bike/haul/sled up the far east to Uelen-permits permitting!

The website is here -I'd love to hear your comments.

1) I'd love to hear from anyone who has cycled this route in summer or winter or from anyone who has done an extended cold cycle. I'd like to pick your brains about the route-which towns are deserted and what kit you used.

2) I'm planning on using Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres-I've used them for two days on the last trip-does anyone use them regularly on ice?

Dan Martin
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