Just received my new Ortlieb bike packer plus Panniers through the mail from America, was really looking forward to getting them to, after looking on the net and researching up on them. Now i have a set of these all ready which i use as my rear panniers and really like them but after using the back roller classic pannier for my front pack i thought i would update to the bike packer and use them as a front pannier. After setting them up on the bike the pockets on the front of them which i thought would be great when i saw them in photos turned out to be nearly useless as they don't stay shut it just folds down and anything you put in there has the potential to fall out while you are ridding has anyone else had this problem?

My other set has a mesh pouch with a zip which is fairly useful but not water proof i am not sure if it is the bike packer classic or Ortlieb has changed the set up on the newer bike packer plus panniers I am sure to understand this thread you will have to know Ortlieb panniers very well