Dear cyclists!

Good friends of mine : Dick Verschuur and Els Schaap ( ) are cycling in Central America now. They are hoping to arrive in the USA in 5 months (yes, 5 months ahead, but they are on a trip that lasts 3 years).
Since they had a lot of trouble with disappearing mail, they would like to find someone who is willing to be handling their mail and keep it until they will arrive. They will be coming back to El Paso another time, approx. 6 months later so it would be perfect if there is someone who could do this for them!

I'm cc-ing this to a couple of lists I am subscribed to, so that hopefully one or more willing mail-workers will show up!


P.S. At the moment they are in Panama..and they hope to finish their trek in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska..

Please send email to espi @ (take out the spaces)