Hey guys, I don't usually post here, much more in commuting and Road, but this one calls for your expertise.

My father and I are planning to ride across the state this summer, just about 400 miles when all is said and done with zig-zagging routes.

We're planning to go lightweight, un-supported, staying at hotels or with family.

I'm hoping that given that it's summer, and we're going to be met at the other side of the state and stay at the beach a couple days so i'll have clothes/whatever sent there, that I can get away with super lightweight.

MY QUESTION: Is it feasible to just use a trunk bag if we're going to be not camping? I'm considering using a trunk bag for clothes/tools/maps and a handlebar bag for food.

I don't want to carry too much, but I know a backpack isn't the way to go in hot summer sun.