Greetings all,

We're looking to tour one of the "Ohio Cross State Bicycle Routes" (maps provided by "Columbus Outdoor Pursuits") this Summer.

We are currently looking at either:

* Cardinal Trail (CT) route - 313 Miles from New Paris (at Indiana border) to Petersburg (at Pennsylvania border).

* Bike Route E, - 253 miles from Portsmouth to Toledo (Ohio River to Lake Erie).

These routes were originally published quite a few years ago and updated a little more recently and we're curious how urban sprawl may have encroached on on some of these roads since then.

Has anyone here ever ridden either of these, completely, partially? If not has anyone here ever ridden any of the other routes in this series? We'd like to get some feedback on pluses and minuses of either of these (or any in the series) routes.

Steve & Linda
Dayton, OH